So you have finally made it, and now you need to look after yourself and your precious baby. The minefield of what to eat, not to eat, how to cope with nausea and tiredness, should you take vitamins or not, how to manage any other medications you’re on and what really is the best food to eat for the baby, accompanied by first trimester anxiety, especially after fertility treatment, can just finish you off!

I will talk you through everything you need to know; all the dos and don’ts, the right vitamins, evidence based and plain common sense; I’ve been there myself and sometimes you can feel very overwhelmed. My initial pregnancy consultation will give you a plan with everything you need to know, a supplement plan and a fifteen minute catch-up at 14 and 26 weeks, just to ensure you are on track with each trimester. At 37 weeks we have another full consultation that covers labour or C-section, post natal and breast feeding, should you choose to do this, up to weaning.


How Can I Help?

1st Trimester

Foods not to eat in pregnancy
Food aversions and cravings
Protecting your immune system
Drug/nutrient interactions (if appropriate), eg. Clexane and calcium
The right vitamins for YOU
Key nutrients for baby development

2nd Trimester

Getting back on track after falling off in the first trimester!
Vitamin and foods assesment if multiple pregnancy

3rd Trimester

Iron, vitamin D and calcium needs
Constipation & piles
Weight management for you and the baby
Labour / C-Section recovery and birth tips

Breast feeding

Extra calories
Foods that help milk flow
How to cope with the nights

Getting back to normal post weaning

Weight management