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3-5 Duke Street, London W1U 3ED



Appointments can be made to see me at 3-5 Duke Street, London W1U 3ED on:

Wednesdays 8am-3.30pm

Fridays 7.30am-5pm

Saturday 9am-6pm

If you live outside London, or are unable to make the days and times outlined above, phone, Facetime and Skype consultations are also available on Tuesdays 8am-1.30pm.


Initial consultation 1 hour 15 mins £125.

Couples initial consultation 2 hours £220.

1 hour follow-up £105.

30 mins follow up £65.

Pre-IVF, post-embryo transfer guidelines and supplement plan review by e-mail £55.

Pregnancy plan and supplement plan review for existing clients by email £55.

15 minute check-ups by phone at 14 weeks and 27 weeks £35.

Pregnancy consultation face to face, new clients 1 hour 15 mins £125.

Pregnancy Consultation, existing clients 1 hour £110.

Birth, post-natal & breastfeeding consultation 1 hour £110.

Birth, post-natal & breastfeeding and supplement review by email for existing clients £55.

15 mins telephone catch-up £35. With additional email support/confirmation £45.

Skype, Facetime and phone, as above.


Info & Bookings

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